Anti-Poaching Wish List

Bubye Valley's anti-poaching force is always in need of equipment and funding to help in the fight against poaching. We rely heavily on the generosity of organisations and individuals to sustain our ongoing effort. Any contribution, big or small, is hugely appreciated and will be put to good use. 

  If you are able to provide any of the equipment listed below, please let us know so that we can arrange delivery details and remove the item from this list – and of course formally thank you. We can be contacted at:

If you would like to support our conservation effort in any other way, please also get in touch with us by clicking here and filling out our contact form.

Equipment List:

Thermal Imaging

As a lot of illegal activity happens at night, having the flexibility to work in the dark could produce great success.



Night Vision

Good for working at night especially in thick vegetation with reduced visibility.





Good quality backpacks protect scout equipment and allow them to relocate quickly and efficiently



Ghillie suits

Blending in to the surrounding environment is essential when ambushing to apprehend suspects.




Great for observation posts and checking up on dangerous game from a distance.



Mosquito Nets

The threat of contracting malaria is ever present. It is life threatening and reduces the much needed boots on the ground while the scouts recover.





The conservancy is 350 000 Ha, many Kms are driven each day while conducting operations or resupplying bases.




First Aid Supplies

The scouts live in dangerous environments. First aid supplies would be hugely beneficial to their safety but also boost confidence and moral out in the field.


Paint Ball Guns

These are not top priority, but they are useful when conducting essential safe training exercises.


Solar Charging Units

With such a large area being covered, redistributing batteries uses a large amount of resources. Solar chargers for the handheld radios would cut down on cost and ensure good communications at all times.



Hydration Packs

Keeping well hydrated while out in the field is essential, but being able to patrol and move comfortably and easily is also important.


Rugged waterproof wrist watches

These will allow scouts to plan and conduct efficient operations, as well as conduct efficient patrols in the field. 





Training scouts to be competent with their weapons is essential for safety to others and themselves.




Communication is vital when conducting operations, for checking up on callsigns in the field and ensuring safety. These digital radios also have a GPS function allowing scout movement to be monitored.


Rugged two man canvas tents

Tents are hugely beneficial due to the unpredictability they offer, compared to blockhouses which cannot be moved and well informed poachers soon learn to avoid. These rugged tents also offer good protection from the environment and dangerous wildlife.


Recent Donations

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all those people who have and continue to support our conservation efforts!

Aimpoint Scopes

A recent donation of Aimpoint scopes by Lennart Ljungfelt will revolutionize the BVC anti-poaching unit’s effectiveness, giving each scout increased confidence in defending themselves against armed poachers.


Garmin Etrex GPS Devices

The Save African Rhino Foundation (SARF) recently visited Bubye Valley Conservancy and kindly brought with them Garmin Eurex GPS units for our scouts to use in the field. We are very grateful for their ongoing support!