The Lowveld Rhino Trust has partnered with Bubye Valley Conservancy since 2002, when they introduced the first black rhinos into the area. LRT independently manages the rhino monitoring at Bubye Valley Conservancy. 

LRT works to increase both black and white rhino numbers and range in the Lowveld region. Zimbabwe has been facing a rhino poaching crisis and in the last five years over 150 rhinos have been poached. To help reduce poaching losses LRT intensively tracks and monitors rhinos to confirm their on-going wellbeing; treats rhinos with snare and bullet wounds; assists authorities with prosecuting poachers; and translocates rhinos from high-risk areas to safer locations when necessary.

LRT also works to raise community awareness and support for rhino conservation through rural schools. Over 140 rural primary schools are part of this program. This is important work as the long term survival of rhinos depends on the people who live with them. Unless rhinos are seen as having value to these communities they will have little reason to help protect them or maintain land for rhinos to live on. To help establish this value LRT has created a community rhino endowment. Under this project LRT helps rural communities living next to rhino areas to gain a true stake-holding in rhino conservation by generating businesslike returns to communities for rhino calves born. The communities receive incentives for rhino breeding in the form of direct support for schools in their areas.


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