Rhino Conservation and Big Cat Research


Aspects of both these incredibly complex topics have been covered in various other sections of bubyevalleyconservation.com, however we think that it is important to make it clear that both of these species are national treasures – with the rhinos not even belonging to the shareholders of the Bubye Valley Conservancy, who nonetheless spend over US$ 300,000.00 per year and employ over 80 armed scouts and 92 guards and fence guards specifically for their protection. Rhinos are a legacy that our children, the Zimbabwean children, deserve the right to grow up alongside and be able to pass on to their children.


Since 2009 the shareholders of the Bubye Valley Conservancy have allowed a conservation research team to be based in their accomodation, and draw on their diesel and stores and garages, so that together we can ensure that the pertinent research is achieved – enlightening both the scientific community and government policy-makers alike – and ultimately that the conservation status of lions remains positive in an age where emotions more than sense drive the decisions made.