Accolade to a wonderful gentleman - Tina Ndou


This amazing, now very old man, Tina Ndou, has been working on what is now
called BVC, which was originally Liebig's Cattle Ranch, then renamed Lemco,
since 1947 !!! He is not exactly sure of his age, or what age he was when he
was first employed on Liebigs, but he says that it was when he first got
facial hair, so probably around 14 or 15 years ? 
He is still working here, an astounding 70 years later, that has to be some
sort of record and puts him at around 85 years old - he has certainly seen
many changes in his lifetime ! He now looks after a 7km stretch of the BVC
game fence, which he not only walks and checks every day, but also clears a
1m strip so no grass etc. touches the electrics on the fence...that is a
14km stint every day. 
When he was asked if he would like to go on retirement and take a well
earned break, he was actually affronted, and asked what we thought he would
do all day ...accolades to this wonderful old gentleman.

                                                     - Article and photographs by Katrina Leathem